Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Open Letter to Our Candidates

Dear Candidates,

Hi, my name is Cory Radisch and I am the principal of what I think is the best high school in NJ - Monmouth Regional High School.  I write this open letter to you both because I and other educators need your help. I have watched your campaigns and debates very closely. Therefore, I am sure that I speak for many educators (and parents) by asking you both:
  • How do you expect us to instill respect in young people, when the both of you can't demonstrate it on a regular basis?
  • How can we hold students accountable for actions, when you both are not held accountable for yours?
  • How we can tell students to follow the example of our leaders, when our leaders are not setting a good example?
  • How do we tell students to engage in respectful debate and discourse, when the two of you can't?
  • How can we get young people to value each other, when our presidential candidates don't value each other?
  • How would you want us to handle a young person saying derogatory things to their classmates, should we dismiss it as locker room banter?
  • How would you want us to handle it when a young person lies to their teacher or administrator?
We need to be able to look to our leaders for guidance, mentorship, and most of all to set the right example. Thankfully, at MRHS we don’t have to rely on the both of you because we have passionate adults who model positive leadership with our students. Our teachers and staff demonstrate the expected behaviors we want from our students. They do this not because they want votes, but because they understand that investing in our students yields better results. We do this not only to impact learning, but to foster unity. Focusing solely on results causes you to lose sight of your “why”.  At MRHS, we focus on our “why” (our students) first, believing it will yield great results. So, whomever is fortunate to win this election, I hope you can take a page from #1FalconNation’s playbook and be sure to focus on the “why”, so that we the people can come together to form a more perfect union.


Cory Radisch