Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FALCON NATION: An Example to America

This is my monthly article for our local Today Paper: 

As it seems with all of my entries for the Today Paper, I have an idea and then an experience strikes me and I have to start over. The deadline for this article was Friday, September 23, 2016. That was the day of our pep rally and another indication that MRHS and its diverse student population are a shining example that the rest of society should mimic.  Every once in awhile, there is a video on Facebook, that reminds us of the humanity in people. However, once we turn on the news, we are reminded that we are currently living in a country where adults would rather throw insults, versus inspire; condemn, versus comfort; isolate, versus collaborate; politicize, versus prioritize; diminish our country, versus lift it; and disunite, versus unify.

I ask you this: What would schools look like if these were the actions of our students? What would the adult reaction be? This brings me back to our pep rally – an ultimate snapshot of America, right in the bleachers of MRHS.  A student body consisting of all different races, religions, native languages, sexual orientation, and body types unifying to support each other. A population of over 1,000 students, each doing the right thing, getting along, and naturally uniting as #1FalconNation. The pep rally is just a large-scale example of what happens daily at our school. Please don’t mistake this article to opine that we are perfect. Then again, what family is?
             I do know that each day our school is made up of outstanding adults and students who demonstrate the character and resolve to appreciate the differences in each other because at the end of the day we are all Falcons. Having never been one to set small goals, I declare we are the example for our country’s adults, exhibiting that we can be different and have differences, but still be #1FalconNation. Imagine if the people in the news and in the public’s eye set that same example. It is said that children will follow your (adults’) example. No thanks! I would much rather the adults follow the children of MRHS’ example.

Proud Principal
Cory Radisch