Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tragedy Shouldn’t Be Our Reminder

The following is an open letter to our students prompted by the unbelievable tragedy to the Robbinsville Superintendent, Dr. Steven Mayer as well as the 17 year old young lady driving the car last Tuesday, April 19th. I had the good fortune of working with Dr. Mayer as he was my Superintendent during my last year in Robbinsville.

Dear Students,

I hope that you realize that no matter what troubles you endure, every day is a gift. One of my former mentors once told me, “When you think you have it bad just know that somewhere in the world, somebody has it worse.”  It shouldn’t be tragedy that reminds us of how lucky we truly are. It shouldn’t be tragedy that makes us appreciate the little things. Too often, it is a tragedy that prompts us to change our thinking. However, as time moves on we tend to revert back to our old way of thinking.

Too often (myself included) we get caught up in being so busy that we forget to love life. We tend to focus on our hardships, schedules, and inconveniences all the while forgetting to be grateful for all we truly have. We tend to focus on the things we don’t have, instead of loving and appreciating the things we do. In addition and more importantly, we forget to appreciate the relationships of those people who are so important to us. We think there will always be time to say thank you or I love you.

So Falcons, I implore you not to let tragedy be your reminder to love life. I challenge you each day to:
·         Tell your parents/guardians you love them
·         Tell someone who has made impact on your life: Thank you!
·         Believe you have what it takes to make a difference in the world
·         Be kind to people outside your circle
·         Embrace the things you have and work hard for the things you don’t
·         Appreciate every day; even the bad ones
·         Motivate and inspire others
·         Live with love and love life

Lastly, when someone asks me, How are you doing? My answer from now on will be, “Loving life.” I am married to an incredible woman, have four beautiful daughters and every day get to work with a great staff and incredible students. So, why would I answer any other way?

Your Proud Principal

Mr. Radisch