Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Path To A Winning Culture

            Culture change is not easy. This is true no matter what the profession. As I watch the carousel of coaches get hired in the NFL, there is a constant theme in each of their introductory press conferences: CULTURE!  As I attend Falcon sporting events, there is nobody who wants our kids to win more than I do. However, before anyone starts questioning Xs and Os of our coaches, are you aware of what they are doing to change the culture here at Monmouth Regional High School? Are you at practices? Are you in the film room? Are you there for pre-game speeches and post-game reflection? Are you there for the heart to heart chats? It’s easy to second guess sitting in the bleachers. Heck, I am guilty of it, too! However, I fortunately have the luxury of being on the inside and viewing things for myself.  Consider this historic quote from legendary coach Bill Walsh:

      Our current coaches, veteran and new, are working hard to change the culture and have our student-athletes understand that the “grind” is more important than anything else. I am not naïve, we are in a results driven society and too often we tend to focus on only the results. However, the will to prepare has to exceed everything else, even winning. For too long, we have wished for the results to change without changing the culture.
I am in constant communication with our coaches, and I can assure you that our coaches are working as hard as they can to instill in our student athletes several key components to creating a winning culture. This may not always be apparent in the win column, but our student-athletes are learning that a commitment to the program supersedes individual success. They are learning accountability, as their actions have a direct effect on their teammates. However and most importantly, I hope they are learning how to be coached and handle the criticism when they don’t meet expectations. I can tell you that our coaches need your help. While you may not agree with the game plan, player positions, or starting line-up, I would hope that we can count on you to support the culture of commitment to team, understanding your role, and accepting criticism as the tenets to building a winning culture. A winning culture that doesn’t guarantee championships, but will produce champions! Champions in the game of life!